Epiphany, three Kings, many stories…

January 6th celebrates Three King’s Day : depending on the country, it can be celebrated differently and/or with many common points.  How is it in your home country ? That is the perfect start for  an enlightening talk about traditions. If those Three Kings are a part of the nativity scene, they represent only some of all the figurines “santons” we can find in the “crèche Provençale”. They all have their names and story…Wouldn’t you like to know more about it ?

Le porteur d’eau
Les trois Rois. En fond, la maison Provençale avec la “vieille à l’aïoli” et “l’arlésienne”

If you are more into music, back in the 70’s, Sheila – a french singer – had a little success with her song ” Les Rois Mages”

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