Navettes ? Did you say “Navettes” ?

Yes, indeed, Navettes are cookies especially if you come from south of France, close by Marseille…But the root of the word may be found in the weaving process, just like in english with the shuttle. Then it becomes logical to think about the spaceships…and a little less when it comes to this commuting process of a law between our Assembly and Senate…

Spring is on its way…

Maybe you would like to buy seeds, bulbs, plants…Do you know all this French garden vocabulary ? Would you like to learn more about it ? How aromatic herbs are called ? All this specific words related ? and of course, grammar and more compelling conversations ? French lesson can also be build like this !

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Tour de France des desserts…

Come over and make this “Tour de France des desserts” with us. 
We will taste one and speak about others. 
Would you be able to locate them on the map of France? 
Would you like to know secret stories about them? 
Would you like to increase your vocabulary and know more about tricky homophones, expressions and idioms related to them?

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Two sessions only: Tuesday, March the 5th, 14:00-15:30
Thursday, March the 7th, 14:00-15:30 
5 persons max. Special rate.
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“Il fait un froid de gueux”

As winter is coming, that is  the perfect time to review some vocabulary about it ! Would you know how to express in French how cold you are ?

Would you be able to call a ski resort to book some ski equipment ?

would you be able to write a mail to your landlord to explain your heat system has to be fixed  ?

Would you be able to name frost, snow or ice ?

We can work it out together ! and discover many idioms !

Epiphany, three Kings, many stories…

January 6th celebrates Three King’s Day : depending on the country, it can be celebrated differently and/or with many common points.  How is it in your home country ? That is the perfect start for  an enlightening talk about traditions. If those Three Kings are a part of the nativity scene, they represent only some of all the figurines “santons” we can find in the “crèche Provençale”. They all have their names and story…Wouldn’t you like to know more about it ?

Le porteur d’eau

Les trois Rois. En fond, la maison Provençale avec la “vieille à l’aïoli” et “l’arlésienne”

If you are more into music, back in the 70’s, Sheila – a french singer – had a little success with her song ” Les Rois Mages”