Let’s be more specific…

ou want to practice your french through engaging conversations ? I can  help you. Let’s start with a coffee, grab an article in a french newspaper about a topic you like. After reading it out loud, we can share our point of views and review how to express ideas, focusing on pronunciation, grammar. You decide what you want to master.

We can stick with the coffee and the cooking topic ! Starting with the sugar, its different types and the specific vocabulary ( lumps, granulated, brow, icing sugar ), we can – why not – move to the very specific vocabulary used in the culinary art : from the spatula to some actions like “réserver” we can read, decipher these surprising words used by our Chefs which can sound weird sometimes.  Thus, we build thematic lists based on your needs and interests.

You’re struggling with editing a document in French ? I know how writing to administrations can be difficult and overwhelming especially in French. From beginning to polite ending, we can work together. You don’t have time ? I can do it for you and be a relocation support, helping finding answers to all those questions this new country rises !   I can also enlighten you about the french educational system and more specifically what is asked to students.

You want to know more about French  habits and manners ? We can compare our different cultures and how they differ. We can talk about how French people don’t celebrate Groundhog’s days as American do, but flip crepes for the Chandeleur. Habits can also be different within the country…Do you know that butter is more used in the North part of France than in the South where olive oil is preferred ?

All this said to tell you : we work together to fulfil your needs